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Our House groups

House groups are not new. In French Prostestant history, house groups were mostly developped by a Strasbourg reformator called Martin Bucer. Martin Bucer believed that the local church was called to be a place of spiritual growth and a place of evangelisation open to all . Local house groups were organised as a complement to the Sunday services. According to Martin Bucer, the church needed to find a new space where people could meet around the Bible and get personal support through prayer and fellowship . The Reformator thought that local house groups would provide that space of freedom and fellowship .

Nowadays in 2020 house groups are very much part of the life of our church. It’s the perfect place to grow together in faith and in the knowledge of our God as well as build fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

What are house groups like ? Small groups of people meet locally once every other week to share, talk, learn about the Bible and pray together. House groups take place in church members’ houses.

The Free Evangelical Church (EEL) of Bergerac counts 4 different house groups : East , West, South of Bergerac and the Anglophone Fellowship Group for English speakers.

Meeting up in small groups at someone’s house helps create a more intimate atmosphere where it is easier to share and ask questions. It’s the perfect place to dig deeper into God’s word and learn from it in order to better live it out.

Don’t hesitate to join your local house group !

  • 20 JunThu 2024
    House groupe south (Roumagne)


  • 21 JunFri 2024
    Anglophone Fellowship Group
    Peter's place

    Anglophone Fellowship Group for English speakers The aim of this group is…...

  • 4 JulTue 2023
    House group West (La Force)
    la Force


  • 17 MayFri 2024
    House groupe East


  • 1 JulMon 2024
    House group Bergerac
    Chez Guy et Cécile

      Hello everyone, Concerning the Bergerac House Group: Here's some information if…...