Who are we

We are Christians: brothers and sisters in solidarity with all who have Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

We are Protestants: we recognize ourselves as heirs of those who, in the 16th century, in the Christian Church, proclaimed the unique authority of the Bible and salvation by faith alone.

We are Evangelicals: this qualifier generally designates those who believe that the Bible is the unique and infallible witness to God, and who believe that the Church is the gathering of those who personally profess their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our community is also affiliated to the Union of Free Evangelical Churches of France, member of the Protestant Federation of France and associate members of the CNEF.

We want to be :

A place of discovery, where everyone can get to know God together.
A meeting place, where Christians can together live their faith in the community with each other.
A place of recollection, where believers can together celebrate worship to God, by prayer, song and listening to the Bible.