Church council – Pastoral team

According to French law, our Church has the legal form of an association law 1905. The members of the Church elect from their members a board of directors to manage the current affairs of the Church.

This team consists of the president, a secretary, a treasurer, possibly a vice-president, a deputy treasurer and a deputy secretary. The council may occasionally enlarge the team if necessary.


Pastoral team

Since the church is functioning without pastor since summer 2022, a pastoral team has been formed. The objective of which is to take care of the spiritual well-being of people as well as that of the church.  The team that has been formed will have function like the council of elders. It is made up of four members of the church, with pastoral training and experience:

Joël Grosrenaud

Lucie Bardiau

John Cherrie

Guy Delarbe

If you wish to speak to one of the members of the pastoral team, you can call this number:  +33553733779