What is christian faith?

What is Chrisitan faith?

Let’s say it straight away: Christian faith does not spring from knowledge but from trust. Knowledge will eventually allow you to believe in the existence of God, even to believe that the Bible, which is the Word of God, is the truth. At the same time, knowledge can leave you indifferent, bring no change in your life, even if it is good and worthy of being sought. Faith will be born and grow over time by the relationship you will establish with God and confidence that will reinforce that faith.

In a loving relationship, as everyone knows, the bonds are first emotional. The understanding of the other in all their complexity, this other individual who has got his own story, who is different, increases with time. Confidence grows and enhances the relationship. In this relationship, trust is the basic element that will build a lasting link, help create a solid link. We all need to be in touch with others, a spouse, a family, friends. And this relationship is good for us when we have come to trust them.

God does not take the place of these relationships in our life, but He gives our life a deeper meaning as we approach Him. He transforms our life when we allow Him to give us what He wants to bring us. This is where knowledge comes in, the knowledge mentionned above which is a good thing even if it is not everything. Where will you discover God ? Of course in the Bible, by all these historical stories that show his actions and, in particular, through the life of Jesus-Christ present in this world 2000 years ago. But you will also meet God through your relations with other Christians, in a church on Sundays and in other gatherings. In these relationships as in the relationship with God, the trust that grows here will increase your faith in the one who is worthy of all trust.