40 years of history of the Evangelical Free Church of Bergerac « Do not despise the day of small things … »

(Reference to Zechariah 4:10)

1978: 1st Bible in the hands of Annie – 1st Council of the Church of Périgueux – Pastor Jacques Lauzet

1979: Joint Services Périgueux – Bergerac at the Château Barrière in Périgueux

1980: Families come together – Studies and Services in two houses

1981: 1st public place of worship, Impasse Doublet in Bergerac

1987: Arrival of Pastor Pierre Marilleau

1996: Arrival of Pastor Vincent Miéville – 1st pastoral housing in Bergerac

2000: Acquisition of the new hall of worship, 5 rue Durou

2004: Arrival of Pastor Nicolas Guillemain

2005: Separation of the two church associations of Périgueux and Bergerac, the latter having become autonomous financially – then pastoral vacancy during one year

2006: Arrival of Pastor Guy Delarbre

2007: Action « Purpose Driven Life » – Birth of several house groups

2009: Creation of Café-Church (English service once a month on Sunday afternoon)

2015: Synod the Union of Free Evangelical Churches in La Force and Bergerac

2017: Pastoral delegation chosen for a year attributed to Lucie Bardiau, member of the Council of the Church and voting to accept the arrival of Pastor Pascal Girard in the summer of 2018

2018: Purchase of a Presbytery and arrival of new pastor Pascal Girard.