Children and Youth

Sunday school takes place every sunday during the worship service, and aims to explain salvation simply but fully in order to bring the child to Christ and to help him or her to grow in faith.

Proposed activities: songs, prayer, games, arts and crafts, memorising verses, discovering missionary stories, the use of various visual aids (videos, puppets, kamishibai, sand board, flanellograph or cardboard cut outs …) are all precious tools to discover the Bible and are widely used. Children can also participate in certain church services.

An attentive, friendly welcome by the trained Sunday School team leaders ensures each child finds his or her place in the group as a treasured member of our community.

Regular meetings of the leadership team allow us to assess our objectives and to intercede for the children and our projects.

Children are divided into 2 groups:

– The Discoverers: (3-8 years) with a more specific discovery of many biblical characters and the use of The Word.

– Juniors: (9-13 years) with, in addition, exchanges on current topics, their concerns or their questions. Some outings are organised.

Teenagers (14 +) attend the Sunday church service with us and meet together in their own group after the service.