Children and Young People

The Sunday School aims to present salvation in a simple and complete way in order to bring the child to Christ and to give him spiritual nourishment which helps him to grow in faith.
This is achieved in : Songs, prayer, games, manual activities, memorising verses, discovering missionary stories, the use of various visual aids (videos, puppets, kamishibai, sand board, flanellograph or cardboard …) as well as participation in specific services, being precious tools for the discovery of the Bible and are widely used.

A welcoming and attentive listening to each by a trained educational team allows to maintain a friendly atmosphere and to give the child the desire to be active in his group and in the life of our community.

Regular meetings of the animation team will allow us to assess our objectives and to intercede for children and projects.

Children are divided into 2 groups:

– The Discoverers: (3-8 years) with a more specific discovery of many biblical characters and the use of The Word

– Juniors: (9-13 years) with in addition exchanges on current topics, their concerns or their questions, some outings offered


Teenagers ( 14 +) celebrate the sunday church service with us and meet after the service.

Please note that handwashing is compulsory before entering the rooms. The leaders and children from 8 year onwards are obliged to wear a face mask. In order to respect the government guidelines and organise the room for the children, we ask you to make sure that you have communicated your child(ren)’s attendance in advance, by mentioning their names and ages on the same registration that is used for adults attending the church service.