Sunday’s service (closed to public, live stream only)

Sunday’s service (closed to public, live stream only)

heure 10 h 00 min

16 January 2022

Hello to all,

The health situation is constantly evolving in the Bergeracois as elsewhere and recently we have among the members of the Church some people who have tested positive for Covid and others who are contacts. We have informed the contact persons who are part of our community. Some of them, whether positive or contacts, have to confine themselves and all of them have to perform repeated tests and self-tests over a varying period of time. In order to avoid spreading the contamination, to show a good testimony, and in view of the uncertainty of the next few days which could lead us not to be able to ensure the next service at the last moment, the Council chooses to cancel the service at the church next Sunday as well as all the meetings scheduled between now and next Monday included. We will review the situation at that time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but especially for those who are ill and pray that the Lord will keep them.

On Sunday at 10am we will be broadcasting the planned message on Youtube with some songs already recorded and we hope to meet face to face afterwards depending on the decisions made early next week.

Until then, take care!The pastor.