Sunday’s service

Sunday’s service

5 rue Durou

heure 10 h 00 min

tous les Sundays

Sunday morning worship is a time that is both solemn and relaxed when we all come together to live our faith and thank God for all that He does in our lives. Worship begins at 10 a.m. and our worship hall is located at 5 rue Durou in Bergerac. Parking can be found nearby.

Singing and prayer

God gives us the gift of life. Our prayers, our praise and worship are a precious means of thanking Him for what He is and all that He has done. In our services, we use several collections of songs for praise, accompanied by the piano, guitar and sometimes by other instruments. Interspersed with worship songs, we take a time to pray together (times of open prayer).

The message

During the worship, the pastors bring us a reflection from passages in the Bible. The Bible is a very up to date book, capable of questioning us, revealing certain truths to us or even inciting us to change. It is above all a book whose lessons are very concrete, and which you can apply every day to your own life.